Kindly Community Fund Award.

Kindly exists to help bring big-hearted creative ideas to life. In October, we asked you guys to submit your project ideas to make the world a better place. Thanks to all who entered, it was super inspiring reviewing your imaginative approaches to society’s biggest challenges. After some fierce debate, we whittled the applications down to a final shortlist of 4 project ideas and asked you to vote for your favourite idea.

Over 800 of you voted, and Tyler and his team were crowned winners. They received £500 from the Kindly Community Fund to help make their project happen. They’ll be travelling the UK visiting universities to make a film about student welfare and mental health.

The 4 projects on the shortlist…


Tyler - ‘Hazards Ahead’ Doc

Tyler is a film student who makes videos about mental health, after personally suffering from psychosis and anxiety.

Tyler plans to travel the UK talking to students about their mental health experiences. He’ll create a film from his journey that empowers viewers to decide what they think needs to be done to improve student well-being.

View Tyler’s pitch.


Rebecca - Access To Books For Kids

Rebecca would like to make children's books more accessible. She believes all children should have access to books: from stories to poems to non-fiction too.

Her project would create dedicated public spaces, in places like supermarkets, food banks and town halls, where parents could easily pick up books for free for their children. 

View Rebecca’s pitch.


Vanessa - ‘Soul Relics Museum’ Exhibition

Vanessa is the creator of Soul Relics Museum, an object-based storytelling project that collects photos and text that reflect periods of struggle. 

She recently travelled to Jordan to listen to Syrian refugees, and would like to create a exhibition, featuring soul relics from the people she spoke with.

View Vanessa’s pitch.

Jess - Xanex Film

Jess pitched to make a short film about Xanax addiction. 

Xanax drug misuse is rapidly rising in the UK, and Jess's film would educate and engage young people, through a fictional story inspired by a real life tragedy.

[ Update 16/01/19: Unfortunately Jess has now dropped out of the vote for personal reasons. Sorry to see you go Jess, and we wish you all the best! ]