Rebecca’s Project - Access to Kid’s Books

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Hi Kindly Community,

My name is Rebecca and I’d really like your support to establish a project to provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with free access to books. From fairy tales to science fiction, poetry, biographies … all kinds of books!

Developing ease of access to resources would help parents bring books into their homes, perhaps for some for the very first time. Also making a positive impact by helping children to progress with their literacy skills and foster a love of reading.

The idea being that in easily accessible local places, from town halls to food banks to train stations, there will be a dedicated shelf or box where parents (or children themselves) could easily pick up free books.

Recently, I read an article about how children are arriving at school unable to speak and read properly for their age and a cause of this is that many children do not have any books in their homes. In fact, according to the National Literacy Trust an overwhelming one in eight UK school children don’t own a book, a statistic I find really upsetting, having been lucky enough to grow up surrounded by all sorts of fantastic books.

From the Kindly community I would be seeking help to collaborate on how to launch the project: from spreading the word to encouraging people and organisations to donate books. I really love the idea of inspiring others to reach out and engage with young people. Another area it would be great to work on together would be designing a campaign to support the project including writing content, designing advertisements and creating social media channels. A main goal of the campaign being to let people know how important access to books is for children and the role they could play to help support this cause. It would also be great to discuss ways in which the idea could be developed and managed as a community project on a local and national level.

The aim with this project is to help parents support their children with access to books, as I can only imagine that for a lot of families, due to their circumstances this can’t be a priority. The project would be aimed at families who don’t have time to go to a library, might feel intimidated by them or not have a local library at all anymore. In 2018 alone over 100 libraries were forced to close their doors. The idea of access was highlighted most recently by esteemed children’s author Julia Donaldson (of The Gruffalo series) who used her New Years CBE Honour to highlight how children’s access to reading and libraries is declining. It is distressing to think about the impact of these library closures and the harmful consequences of reducing children’s access to books and ultimately their learning and development.

The benefits that reading and books can bring into children’s lives are endless: increasing confidence, developing emotional wellbeing and providing a chance to escape to new worlds through their imagination are just a few. All of these possibilities are achievable for all children from all backgrounds with simple access to books. I believe establishing a project which provides these resources by encouraging communities and companies to contribute will result in a significant increase in access to books for all children.

Being passionate about helping children who are faced with challenging backgrounds or circumstances, I enjoy thinking of innovative ways to help these children reach their potential and would love to collaborate with the Kindly community.

To get in touch with Rebecca, please email: