Tyler’s project - ‘Hazards Ahead’ Documentary

Dear Kindly community,

Hazards Ahead is a short documentary about student wellbeing. It consists of a road trip around the UK meeting a range of different students with different struggles and experiences.  

Student Wellbeing is constantly in the press yet it seems we rarely hear from actual students on the issue. This documentary intends to put students at the front of the subject. There will be stories from all over the uk, each person being unique with their own struggles. It will provide tips and comfort for our audience which is also mainly aimed at current or future students.  

We are travelling in February and our locations are as follows:

  • 9th Plymouth

  • 10th Southampton

  • 11th-12th London

  • 13th Birmingham

  • 14th Manchester

  • 15th Bangor

  • 16th Swansea

  • 17th-18th Bristol

My own struggles with mental health make it a subject I hold close to my heart as a filmmaker. I suffered from psychosis in my first year of film school and have had to keep a close eye on my anxiety ever since. Due to this I am dedicating my final year to making videos on mental health. I release a video every single week on my youtube channel ‘PMDb’. This is also the second short documentary on mental health I have made with my first being ‘Surreal Reality’. This was on psychosis and can be found on my youtube channel. 

The film in general will be light hearted with all the 4 members of crew being on camera capturing the feel of travelling in between the interviews. Having said if someone is critical of their experiences we will encourage them not to hold back as we want our viewers to find comfort in identifying with the stories shared. We do intend to make the documentary feel hopeful as we want people watching to know whatever they’re going through they can deal with and get better. We also would not wish to turn people away from university. I hope that by not dramatising the stories it will present a true feeling of realism to the audience.

The end film will be shown on Youtube for everyone to see as we want as many people who may find the documentary helpful to see it. The trip is a complete round trip starting in Bristol and finishing in Bristol. We aim for the short documentary to last an estimate of 20 minutes. 

To get in touch with Tyler, please email: pmdb.film@gmail.com